Visual storytelling students create videos featuring campus watersheds

Visual Storytelling on YouTube.In spring 2016, Mark Johnson, a senior lecturer in journalism at Grady College, taught a special topics graduate class focused on visual storytelling. The goal was to teach visual storytelling through still photos, audio and a multimedia piece. For their multimedia pieces, students focused in on campus watersheds and the work of Watershed UGA.

The technical aspects of this - learning exposure, composition and editing - were all in service to the idea of learning to show a story. What the students took away from the class was the concept of showing and not telling, of bringing an audience into a story, of connecting the people in a story with the audience.

The 11 short videos created by students in this class can be seen at the links below.





Daylighting Streams

Meera Naqvi

Crew Chews Back Invasive Growth

Erica Hensley

Driftmier Woods: A Victim of UGA’s Development

Elizabeth Fite

Tanyard Creek Cleanup

Shelby Jarrett

Aquatic Ecology Research

Emily Carter

Watershed UGA: Trying to Make a Difference

Leigh Beeson

The Watershed Mural

Sandra McGill

Goats, invasive Species and Erosion

Christina Kirchner

The Living Ecosystem

Katie Eaker

Fecal Point Source Tracking in Lake Herrick

Petrina Watkins

Drip Irrigation: Tomorrow’s Tool to Save Water

Lauren Bagett