Current research being conducted at Lake Herrick

Currently, John Dowd, professor in the Department of Geography, Todd Rasmussen, professor in Warnell, and Dave Radcliffe, professor in Crop and Soil Sciences, are conducting research on stream flow, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, heavy metals, fecal coliform, atmospheric conditions, and temperature on Birdsong Creek and Dead Armadillo Creek, both of which are tributaries to Lake Herrick, as well as by the Lake Herrick dam and just downstream of the Upper Pond. In addition, Dr. Dowd plans to implement a rain gauge by the Lake Herrick beach.

Dr. Susan Wilde, Assistant Professor in Warnell, has been monitoring harmful algal blooms in Lake Herrick with her students.

The Lake Herrick watershed has also been the site of several independent undergraduate research projects, including a recent Warnell Senior Project investigating sites for pet waste receptacles and options for renovating the Lake Herrick beach.