Watershed UGA pursues NEA Grant

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Daylighting the Watershed is a recent project, headed by Professor Michael Marshall, which is designed to make the local community and University of Georgia aware of environmental and social issues occurring right under their noses by incorporating the arts to bring attention to these issues. This program will include numerous nationally recognized artists whose art will be featured to bring awareness to the public. According to the Art Works Grant Proposal, along with the guest artists “creative works will be developed by community members” from all different areas including “the School of Art, Department of English, New Media Institute, and College of Environment and Design” in association with other individuals throughout the Athens community. Michael Marshall is currently pursuing the National Endowment for the Arts Grant which would go, “directly [to] funding the visiting artist and public art works.” The hope for the Daylighting the Watershed project is, “to have an impact on the community, utilizing the arts to make evident these hidden issues and inspire social change,” and through the help of the NEA Grant this hope could become reality.


Read the full NEA Grant Proposal here.