Daylight Lilly Branch


Overview of Daylighting Lily Branch        


      Watershed UGA is wanting to “daylight” the University of Georgia’s campus streams. In starting this project, Watershed UGA is hoping to obtain more attention towards the streams that flow right underneath the feet of students and professors as they make their way around campus. Sparked interest and support could come from the University body and Athens community to continue the protection and restoration of these valuable streams once they are discovered by the public. According to Lauren Mullenbach, who is the Lake Herrick Restoration Project Coordinator for Watershed UGA, said the jumpstart to daylighting the watershed, “is to have a temporary marking of the watershed during Earth Week to generate excitement about the watersheds and call attention to Lily Branch.” From this first step, the UGA Watershed team “will use the success of the event to leverage a more permanent installation with the administration.” Mullenbach stated that, “the permanent installation would likely involve redesigning the landscape and the sidewalk to clearly mark the watershed.” From creating an artistic, attention-grabbing display it should pique an interest of those near it into wondering what is flowing beneath them.