Dr. Morehead's State of the University address includes Lake Herrick Restoration


Dr. Morehead's State of the University


On Wednesday, January 20th, 2016, President Morehead delivered the 2016 State of the University Address in the UGA Chapel. Of the many topics addressed, one was of particular interest to  Watershed UGA. President Morehead stated that he was “pleased to announce another private-sector partnership aimed at enhancing campus sustainability.” This statement should be celebrated because this partnership will be, as President Morehead stated, “steps toward the improvement of Lake Herrick,” which will create, “new avenues for sustainability research and education.” Currently Lake Herrick is closed to the public due to its poor water quality.  The new partnership with the Riverview Foundation and Southern Company promises opportunities to better the lake’s water quality. Watershed UGA celebrates the President's support of the restoration of the lake and looks forward to the day when it will serve our campus and community for both educational and recreational purposes.

     If you would like to hear more from President Morehead’s State of the University Address, follow the link below to the footage from his speech.