Rivers Alive 2015

On Saturday, October 10th Watershed UGA joined Athens-Clarke County in the annual Rivers Alive trash removal event. This event is part of a larger, statewide campaign to clean and preserve over 70,000 miles of Georgia’s rivers and streams. 

The annual Rivers Alive Georgia Waterway Cleanup is one of the largest, single volunteer efforts to beautify Georgia’s water resources.  

Watershed UGA lead one of the many clean-up sites in Athens-Clarke County. Our site was located along River Rd and the Steam Plant Stream. Members from the Ecology Club,  Phi Delta Theta, and the Athens community joined our site to help removed hundreds of pounds of trash and recyclables from alongside the banks of these waterways. Despite the rain and slippery conditions, volunteers worked hard to make this a successful event.

Please consider taking part in future trash removal and stream protection and restoration events. You can find future service events under our service/events tab.

Rivers Alive 2015 Registration
Rivers Alive 2015 Getting Started
Rivers Alive 2015 Clean up Gear
Rivers Alive 2015 Clean up Gear
Rivers Alive 2015 Volunteers
Rivers Alive 2015 Working by the River
Rivers Alive 2015 Along River Road
Rivers Alive 2015 Garbage
Rivers Alive 2015 Garbage collected
Rivers Alive 2015 Volunteers at the end of the day