Tanyard CleanupWatershed UGA and the Tanyard Creek Chew Crew need YOUR help

We need your help engaging tailgaters and cleaning Tanyard Creek on three different occasions in October! 

October 4th: Following the home game against Alabama, help us clean the stretch of Tanyard Creek that flows adjacent to the Tate parking lot. We will be weighing what we collect to compare with our next clean-up. (Volunteers needed: 10) Time 11:00am - 1:00pm.

October 17th: Leading up to (during tailgating) the Homecoming game against Mizzou, engage and educate tailgaters in the Tate parking lot about Tanyard Creek, its restoration, the condition it's in, and how to recycle their tailgating waste. We will line up recycling bins next to the creek and inform people of our efforts to protect Tanyard. Goats will be there! (Volunteers needed: as many as we can get!) Time TBD

October 18th: Following the homecoming game, we will clean Tanyard Creek again, weigh our collections, and compare to the Alabama game collection -- to see if our outreach made a difference. (Volunteers needed: 10) Time 11:00am - 1:00pm.

To become involved in this opportunity, email lem89@uga.edu.