Watershed UGA FAQ

Is it safe to visit a campus stream?

How do I use a module?

  • Visit the Modules by clicking the Resources link above. Read the descriptions and click on the module you would like to use. Download the documents listed on the module's page. It is recommended that you plan ahead and put the module in your syllabus at the beginning of the semester. When you are ready to do it in class, make sure you read the background materials first.

Is this content on eLC?

  • Yes.  We have the modules in the eLC.  Please send your name, email, and eLC username (if it differs from your email) to watershed@uga.edu to request instructor access to the content.  Follow this link for details.

How do I get my class involved in service opportunities?

  • Visit the Events page on our website. Find an event you would like to join, and read the description. Sign-up and/or contact information will be included in the description.

Who else is doing Watershed UGA stuff?

Is there training for faculty/TAs who want to use modules?

  • Yes! Four workshops have already been held and a fifth will be planned for early Fall 2016. Contact: watershed@uga.edu

How do I submit assessment data from a module I did in my class?

  • Please email watershed@uga.edu

Can I make modifications to modules?

  • Yes. Modules are laid out in suggested templates. We have provided layouts for sciences vs. humanities courses, but feel free to be creative.

  • However, we ask that you stick to the original format of the assessments.

Feel free to email additional questions to watershed@uga.edu.