American Rivers

American Rivers protects wild rivers, restores damaged rivers, and conserves clean water for people and nature. Since 1973, American Rivers has protected and restored more than 150,000 miles of rivers through advocacy efforts, on-the-ground projects, and the annual America’s Most Endangered Rivers® campaign. Headquartered in Washington, DC, American Rivers has offices across the country and more than 200,000 members, supporters, and volunteers.

Multiple internships at:

Appalachian Voices

A few internships at this page:

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Athens-Clarke County, Water Conservation Office

The Water Conservation Office (WCO) is part of the Public Utilities Department of the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government. The WCO mission is to promote a culture of sustainability within the local community as it pertains to our water resources through conservation and education. This goal is accomplished through school programs, outreach within the community, annual events, and water conservation workshops.

Interns are responsible for preparing and presenting educational programs, aiding with tours of the water treatment facilities, assisting with community events, monitoring and posting on social media (including blogging), and other activities that support the WCO mission. The internship program is designed to provide each intern with a flexible learning experience that will include an independent project and training in environmental education curricula. Interns are supervised by the WCO graduate assistant.

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Environmental Education in Georgia

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Environmental education in the Southeast

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Environmental Internship Clearinghouse

Numerous internships at this page:

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We have a number of project focus areas for interns. 

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North American Association for Environmental Education

Extensive internships and jobs, can find search page here:

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Office of Sustainability's Fall 2016 Internships

Intern positions through the Office of Sustainability are posted online.  For more information, please visit:

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Watershed UGA Volunteer and Service-Learning Opportunities


Please email the Watershed UGA project coordinator at if you or your students would like to participate in any of these.

Short-term opportunities (many of these can be long-term if interested):

  • Make one to two minute compelling educational videos showing/discussing aspects of watershed issues that we can use in a variety of settings. The field is wide open regarding what watershed issue to address with the only parameters being the time limit.  We suggest students read through the 9-Element Watershed restoration plan at for background (second to last document on list).  Participating students will be eligible to compete in our “Telling Watershed Stories” contest; we will post a contest announcement on the Watershed UGA website by January 22nd.
  • Take photographs and/or find historic photos that illustrate watershed issues (problems, solutions, aesthetics) --we're trying to build a photo archive.  Participating students will be eligible to compete in our “Telling Watershed Stories” contest; we will post a contest announcement on the Watershed UGA website by January 22nd.
  • Conduct and record oral histories on watershed issues-- this would involve identifying who to interview, what questions to ask, etc. Participating students will be eligible to compete in our “Telling Watershed Stories” contest; we will post a contest announcement on the Watershed UGA website by January 22nd.
  • Help us develop educational content for our social media campaign-- three or four educational/inspirational sentences on a variety of topics. This could also include short video clips and pictures mentioned above.
  • Inspect stormwater outfalls and sewer lines to identify leaking sewer pipes (coordinate this w/ Elizabeth Gardner,


Longer-term opportunities:

  • Help develop a targeted Watershed UGA outreach campaign towards students living in dorms. This would include figuring out the best way to reach these audiences, preparing materials/presentations, and distributing them.  Peer-to-peer outreach is very influential.
  • Develop a "Greek Watershed UGA" information packet that tells Greeks what they can do to protect the river/streams (from service activities to actions they can take in the house).  This would include everything from brainstorming information that might be most compelling to this audience, meeting w/ Greek leaders to discuss, then developing the materials.  Students working on this project can be in touch with an Office of Sustainability intern working on Greek issues.
  • General Public Outreach – Give Watershed UGA presentations to student groups, community groups, etc.
  • Watershed UGA will host a few service activities in the spring semester in addition to River Rendezvous.  We're trying to schedule these activities soon and we'll send out an email to all Watershed UGA faculty as soon as that happens (plus we'll post them on our website).  We'll include some ideas regarding reflection prompts for each.  Many participating faculty let their students' attendance at these events count towards satisfying their service requirements.
  • Help Watershed UGA staff organize and conduct a community celebration (in April) w/meal and games/activities at Lake Herrick to celebrate/brainstorm for its restoration.

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