Invasive Species and Watersheds


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What are exotic-invasive plants?

  • What makes an species-invasive

Why are they a concern to forests, people and watershed health?

  • Outcompete / damage native ecosystems (biodiversity, health and productivity)
  • Economic impacts
  • Characteristics of invasive species

What can UGA do (effective management strategies)?

  • Removal / Herbicide / biological spread
  • Establishment of native vegetation helps local wildlife

Core Resources

pptx Introduction to Invasive Species
docx Invasive Species Instructions

Learning Objectives


pdf Watershed Management Plan Fall 2014 Update
pdf Jackson et al 2014
pdf Sweeney & Newbold 2014
pdf Bush Honeysuckles
pdf Chinese Privet
pdf English Ivy
pdf Sacred Bamboo
pdf Winter Creeper