docx ACC Stormwater Fee

How the fee is calculated.

pdf Athens Banner Herald -Town Spring Article

Story in the Athens Banner Herald (2009) about the restoration of the founders' spring.

docx Athens Banner-Herald

UGA ecologists find another way fertilizer damages streams. March 16, 2015.

pdf College LIfe in the Old South

The first chapter of College Life in the Old South by E. Merton Coulter that discusses the founding of the University of Georgia, including notes on the Broad River and the Founder's Spring.

pdf Georgia Nonpoint Source Program

Presentation of Georgia EPD's Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program

pdf Loehle et al 2014

Toward Improved Water Quality in Forestry: Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Regulatory Environment

pdf Minimizing Nonpoint Source Pollution
docx New York Times

As Sewers Fill, Waste Poisons Waterways. November 22, 2009

docx Opinion on ACC Stormwater Fee

The Athens Clarke County Stormwater Utility is the most complex in Georgia

jpg ses.jpg-300x230

Social Ecology Studio

pdf Silent Spring

Rachel's Carson's iconic 1962 book.

docx The New Yorker

THE LAST DROP: Confronting the possibility of a global catastrophe. October 23, 2006.

docx The New Yorker - Chemical Valley

April 2014 article exploring water pollution from chemical industries in West Virginia.