pdf Daylighting the Watersheds UGA DESIGN COMPETITION

Student teams are invited to participate in the Daylighting the Watersheds design competition to raise awareness about streams that flow through the UGA campus and to support the mission of Watershed UGA by creating a community ethic for the restoration of campus streams. Two projects will be selected to receive prizes of $1,000 each.

pptx Environmental History
pptx Environmental History Additional Materials
docx Environmental History Teaching Companion
Link Flagpole Article

Don't Stop Conserving, Even Though the Drought Is Over. May 15, 2013

docx Human Impacts to Rivers and Streams Instructions
pptx Humans Impacts to Rivers and Streams
pptx Introduction to Invasive Species

An introductory PowerPoint.

docx Introduction to Sustainability Materials
pptx Introduction to Sustainability Module
pptx Introduction to Watersheds
docx Introduction to Watersheds Service Learning
docx Invasive Species Instructions

Update 7/14/16

jpg Invasive Species Sites of Tanyard Creek Watershed

Map highlights areas of densely overgrown invasive areas around the Special Collections Library and River Road

pdf Jackson et al 2014

Herbaceous versus Forested Riparian Vegetation: Narrow and Simple
versus Wide, Woody and Diverse Sream Habitat

pdf Johnson et al 2014

Effects of stormwater management and stream restoration on watershed nitrogen retention

Link Lake Herrick Watershed Study

Todd Rasmussen and John Dowd have installed stream flow devices at 3 locations in the Lake Herrick watershed. At a flume on Birdsong Creek which flows from the drained pond near the dog run to Lake Herrick, they have connected sensors to telemetry so they can download the data and display it.  It currently shows in the upper right graph the stream flow rate in liters per second. Below that are the air and water temperatures. Below that is the height of the water in the stream. Also shown are the barometric pressure and the battery and current flow (everything is powered by batteries and solar panels).

docx Lilly Branch Restoration Phase II Report on Pet Waste Proposal

This report was compiled by students in Laurie Fowler's Environmental Practicum class in Fall 2011. It is available to use as a supplemental activity within the Human Impacts Module or it can be used in lieu of or as part of other modules. 

xlsx Lily Branch Water Quality Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet of the Brown and Caldwell samples by monitoring point on Lilly Branch.

pdf Loehle et al 2014

Toward Improved Water Quality in Forestry: Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Regulatory Environment

Link Marine Debris Tracker

Help Engineering Professor Dr. Jenna Jambeck track the existence of trash in our campus waterways with the Marine Debris Tracker – an app available for Apple or Google mobile devices. When participating in a clean-up, doing a lab for class, or at any time on your own, open the app and report when & where you have seen trash in our campus streams. It is a small way to be a part of a bigger research project. Get the app here.

pdf Minimizing Nonpoint Source Pollution
docx New York Times

As Sewers Fill, Waste Poisons Waterways. November 22, 2009

pdf North Campus Sustainability Walk

Self-guided tour of sustainability features of North Campus.

docx Opinion on ACC Stormwater Fee

The Athens Clarke County Stormwater Utility is the most complex in Georgia


Sample quiz questions for instructor use following completion of module. Feel free to insert these into a unit exam, or simply give as a post-module quiz.

pdf Ramsey Center BMP Sites

Areas around the Ramsey Athletic Center that could be investigated as potential BMP sites

docx Resilience Framework Handout
docx Resilience Module Effectiveness Survey
docx Resilience Module PostAssessment
docx Resilience Module PreAssessment
Link Resilience Module.pptx
pdf Restoring Lake Herrick: Information for Improved Water Quality and Enhanced Recreational Value

"Restoring Lake Herrick: Information for Improved Water Quality and Enhanced Recreational Value" completed by Laurie Fowler's Environmental Practicum in Spring 2014 (58 pages).

pdf Sacred Bamboo
pdf Silent Spring

Rachel's Carson's iconic 1962 book.

pdf South Campus Sustainability Walk

Self-guided tour of sustainability features of South Campus.

pdf Steam Plant Stream Map

Created by John Langstaff and Parker Bray

xlsx Steam Plant Stream Water Quality Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet of the Brown and Caldwell samples by monitoring point on  Steam Plant Stream.

pdf Sweeney & Newbold 2014

Streamside Forest Buffer Width Needed to Protect Stream Water Quality, Habitat, and Organisms: A Literature Review

xlsx Tanyard Creek Water Quality Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet of the Brown and Caldwell samples by monitoring point on Lilly Branch.

jpg Tanyard Creek Enhancement Map

A conceptual map showing possible stream redesign of daylight section near the corner of Baxter St. and S. Lumpkin St.

pdf Tanyard Creek Flowchart

Flowchart illustrating the physical and chemical effects of human disturbances and pollution

pdf Tanyard Creek Map

Created by John Langstaff and Parker Bray

docx The New Yorker

THE LAST DROP: Confronting the possibility of a global catastrophe. October 23, 2006.

docx The New Yorker - Chemical Valley

April 2014 article exploring water pollution from chemical industries in West Virginia.

docx Trail Creek Nine Element Watershed Management Plan

Prepared in October 2016 by Watershed UGA/University of Georgia and the Athens-Clarke County Stormwater Management Program in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service Monroe Field Office, Howard B. Stroud Elementary/Clarke County School District, Chicopee-Dudley Neighborhood Association, Upper Oconee Watershed Network, and the Oconee River Land Trust

Link UGA Today Article

WaterWise Council honors UGA for water conservation efforts. April 24, 2008

pdf Urban water systems safety precautions
Link USGS "Science in Your Watershed"

GIS information for watersheds across the country.

pdf Water Quality in Athens-Clarke County

Mayor and ACC Commission Work Session - December 8, 2015

pdf Watershed Basemap

Map showing boundaries of all watersheds within the University's main campus

jpg Watershed Elevation Map

Map illustrating elevation differences within the watershed zones

jpg Watershed Land Use

Map dividing land within each watershed by use

pdf Watershed Management Plan Fall 2014 Update

An update on the Watershed Management Plan of UGA. 

docx Watershed UGA Mini-Grants 2016-2017
docx Watershed UGA Photo Release Form
docx Watershed UGA Stipend Syllabus Submission
pdf Winter Creeper