Snowball Activity

(5 minutes)

Students should read the 9-Element Watershed Management Plan (available on the Resources page) before completing this activity. 

Have students take out a scrap piece of paper. Write down one sentence summarizing something they learned from the 9-Element Watershed Management Plan (WMP). Instructions to students: Crumple it up into a ball and throw it to someone across the room (all at once). Pick up a snowball, if you didn’t catch one. Read what was written and add another thing you learned from the WMP. Crumple it up and throw it again. Repeat. Throw them all to the front of the room. Instructor picks up a few and reads them aloud to the class.

It is likely that most of the key and supplemental learning objectives will be covered pursuant to this activity.

Introductory Activity Remembering Understanding Foundational Knowledge

Objectives related to this activity

There are no objectives associated with this activity.