Group Discussion and Plant Identification

Students will form small groups for this activity (5-12 students per group)

(Option A) The whole activity is completed in the classroom

(Option B) The class goes outside to identify invasive exotic plants on campus, the last writing activity then becomes homework assignment. Handout can be printed using the associated invasive species pdf files.

Est. Time 10 minutes (21-31 minutes into class)
Students are to form small groups (5-12 students depending on class size and instructor preference) to answer the questions below using online resources (below) provided and learn to identify five common invasive exotic plants on campus.

This activity requires that either plant samples be collected from around campus by the instructor before class so that physical samples can be placed in students hands, or pictures of invasive-exotic plants can be obtained using the links below if students have internet access or printed for handouts using the associated pdf files.

Suggested invasive exotic plants for students to learn: English Ivy, Privet, Winter Creeper, Bush Honeysuckle, Sacred Bamboo (pdf files available via links below or within the module support files)

Questions for students to answer about invasive exotic plants in a notebook for future reference and discussion.

1. What is the name of the invasive exotic plant?

2. How/why was the plant introduced/promoted in the US and Georgia?

3. What is the shape leaf (draw a picture of the leaf)

4. What color(s) are the leaves?

5. How does the plant grow? (vine, shrub, tree?)

6. Is the plant evergreen or deciduous?

7. Does it produce berries or other fruits, if so what color are they?

8. How does the plant spread?

9. How does this plant negatively impact the environment?

Activity Remembering Foundational Knowledge UGA/Athens

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