Problem Identification Activity

(10 minutes)

Students are assigned to small groups; each group is assigned one of the four campus watersheds. Referring to the Watershed Management Plan, the PowerPoint, background readings, and the video, groups will assess their watershed regarding pollution, and answer the following questions:

  1. Is there evidence of problems (pollution, water quality, water quantity) in your stream/watershed?
  2. What source(s) are likely contributing to the issue(s)? How do you know?

Rubric: For question 1 look for answers that include sediment, toxic chemicals such as pesticides and heavy metals, nutrients such as fertilizers, stormwater runoff, fecal coliform from leaking sewer pipes or animal waste and evidence such as results of water quality monitoring and visual assessments.  For question 2 look for answers such as leaking sewer lines, pet waste, car oil tanks, construction runoff, etc.


Intermediate Activity Applying Application

Objectives related to this activity