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Marsha Black has a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Tennessee with pre- and post-doctoral training in aquatic toxicology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Joensuu (Finland).  She has over 25 years’ research experience using aquatic organisms as sentinels of water pollution.  Her lab conducts laboratory and field -based studies that have identified the effects of a variety of pollutants on a range of taxa, including freshwater and estuarine invertebrate and vertebrate species. Her current research interests focus on ecotoxicological impacts of pharmaceuticals and nanomaterials in freshwater and marine environments and the use of environmental metabolomic studies to study effects of multiple chemical exposures on resident organisms. 


College of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health Science


• Toxicity of emerging contaminants (pharmaceuticals and nanomaterials) as single compounds and in mixtures in model and native aquatic organisms
• Roles of natural organic matter (NOM) and co-contaminants in modulating toxicity of carbon nanomaterials and pharmaceuticals
• Biomarkers indicating exposure and effects of emerging contaminants
• Linkages between land use and contaminant accumulation and effects in freshwater bivalves and native and artificial oyster beds
• Enantioselective toxicity of chiral chemicals


Involvement in Watershed UGA

I am a collaborating faculty and a new member of the WatershedUGA Faculty Learning Community (FLC).

Courses incorporating Watershed UGA

EHSC 4610, Water Pollution and Human Health 

EHSC 7650, Water Quality: Protection, Monitoring, and Management for Health (new course under development)

I am willing to mentor CURO projects

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