Adam Milewski



Director of the Water Resources & Remote Sensing Laboratory (WRRSL -

Director of the ARCHES Program (Advancing Research & Capacity in Hydrologic Education and Science) (



Franklin College of Arts & Science - Department of Geology


1. Addressing issues pertaining to the sources, distribution, sinks, fluxes, and mechanisms of groundwater recharge on local and regional scales.
2. Development and assessment of hydrologic models using both field-based and cost-effective technologies to quantify, forecast, and better understand water resources.
3. Advancing the science of satellite applications in hydrology and geology.
4. Broad applications utilizing geophysics, isotope geochemistry, and GIS in water resources.

Involvement in Watershed UGA

Monitoring and Data Analysis

Courses incorporating Watershed UGA

GEOL 1120 - Environmental Science

FYOS Water - The Most Interesting Resources in the World

Collaboration with other faculty

Open to any and all possibilities.

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