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Michael Marshall is the founding director of the Social Ecology Studio, a collaborative research space with a mission of engaging issues of sustainability and resiliency through arts engagement in collaboration with other disciplines and community members. He also serves as Associate Director of Curriculum and a Professor of Studio Arts at the University of Georgia, in Athens. For the past fifteen years his personal work has explored the intersections of science and the left brained sensibility of intuition and emotion, a mirror of his undergraduate degrees in Physics and Studio Art. For much of that time his primary medium was photography, ranging from delicate platinum prints to mixed media constructions of digital printing, encaustic and wood. His most recent works emphasize an engagement with community in which he facilitates dialogue and supports community interaction.


School of Art / Franklin College of Arts and Sciences


Engaged studio arts practice with an emphasis in environmental impact and community interaction.

Courses incorporating Watershed UGA

ARST4285/6285 Alternative Photography, ARST4915/6915 Thematic Inquiry in Studio Art, ARST4210/7210 Special Topics in Photography

Collaboration with other faculty

I'm interesting in working with other faculty to integrate arts methodology in research challenges.

I am willing to mentor CURO projects

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