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David Leigh is a professor of Geography and the Director of the Geomorphology Laboratory at the University of Georgia, where he is an associate member of the Centers for Archaeological Sciences, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and the River Basin Center. He teaches geomorphology classes on all levels (freshman to graduate-level). His research focuses on the geomorphic and stratigraphic expression of environmental change during the late Quaternary period (past 130,000 years) with complementary emphasis on geoarchaeology. His main interests involve fluvial, eolian, and soil systems. Dr. Leigh is a Fulbright Scholar (2009 award for study in Uruguay and Argentina). Also, he received the 2008 G.K. Gilbert Award for Excellence in Geomorphic Research from the Association of American Geographers. He currently engages research sponsored by the National Science Foundation in the Mixteca highlands of south-central Mexico, the Pyrenees Mountains of southern France, and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where he examines millennial-scale effects of changes in land-use practices. David enjoys the outdoors, including gardening, hunting, fishing, hiking, and of course field work in geomorphology.


Franklin College of Arts and Sciences - Geography Department


Paleoenvironmental reconstruction and human impact on fluvial geomorphic systems in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains

Human transformation of landscapes and soils in the high Pyrenees Mountains of southwestern France

Human impact on fluvial systems of the Mixteca Alta in the highlands of Oaxaca, Mexico

Late Quaternary geomorphology and stratigraphy of the southeastern United States

Involvement in Watershed UGA

Dr. Leigh teaches several courses that involve the perspective of watersheds at UGA, most notably:

FYOS 1001:  Freshman Seminar on "Human Impacts on Landscapes of the World"

GEOG 3010:  General Geomorphology

GEOG 4020:  Fluvial Geomorphology

GEOG 4060:  Field and Lab Methods in Physical Geography

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